Live Streaming Data

Gone are the days when a database was a central piece of an application or even a business. Now data streams are flowing all over, and future-proof applications must be designed accordingly.

Operational Intelligence

Increase observability of the applications, implement meaningful focused technical and business metrics at all levels. Watch your SLA/O in real time, set up alerts for deviations of key business or technical indicators.

Event Sourcing

A natural approach to build robust applications, when a state of a business entity (e.g. an order, a parcel, a game, ...) is modelled as a sequence of recorded immutable events.

Cloud solutions

Mix and match cloud provider services in a smart way, avoid unnecessary high costs and vendor lock-in. Efficient solutions for software delivery pipelines for private and public clouds.


Most known as a basis for cryptocurrencies, blockchain solutions can be also effectively applied to make business applications secure and compliant.


We have experience in implementing new privacy legislation (known in Europe as GDPR). Also international financial and gambling compliance and certifications.